Hocheppan Castle Chapel

The Sistine Chapel of the Alps

Hocheppan Castle Chapel

The Castle Chapel in the south of the Hocheppan castle complex, also known as the Sistine Chapel of the Alps, truly bears witness to bygone days. Although it was consecrated in the Middle Ages, in 1131, both its architecture and the paintings that it contains have been almost completely and very well preserved. The Romanesque frescoes from the 13th century show typical motifs from the time when the castle was built, such as a hunting scene, or the famous “dumpling eater”. There are also frescoes with scenes from the life of Christ and the Apostles, which are among the best-preserved in Tyrol. That we can marvel at them today is thanks to the fact that they were uncovered in 1926, after having been painted over for many centuries.

 Enjoy a guided tour through the castle or just in the chapel from 11 am to 4 pm on the following days:

from April to August from Thursday to Sunday,

from September until November, the 3rd, every day except on Wednesdays.